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Below you will find photographs taken on the various tours and activities that Richard has conducted and organised in London.

We've tried to steer clear of the usual clichè images of people posing in front of various well known London landmarks - albeit we've included a few of these for good measure - and, instead, we've tried to present you with images that capture the essence of what Richard's tours are all about - fun and fascination.


We don't just see the guards we do our own guard duty! When we encounter a statue we don't just pose by it we imitate it. It was Shakespeare's birthday so we blew him a kiss. We encounter some curious characters on the tours. It's not every day you encounter Winston Churchill on a Guided Tour of London. We encounter hidden and secret alleyways. London is, very much, a city to look up in. Sometimes you just have to smile when you're enjoying yourself. It's amazing how often the Queen pops up on our tours. When we ecounter the Queen salutes are in order. Footsore in the pub after a tour. Now how does he do that? You sometimes just have to jump for joy. We often set challenges for our clients, such as imitating this statue of the gardener. Queens for a day. It isn't every day you come across a golden cat. Recently, in Greenwich, we found our way was impassable. It was Christmas so we thought it good to get into the season and kiss Winston under the mistletoe. The only outdoor statue of Henry V111 in a public place in London. Well, would you just look at that? Posing in the reach of Tower Bridge. Happy, Happy and Happier! In and out of old alleyways. What can I say, it was Christmas in London! Even in the rain our clients have fun. Altogether now. We've had our tour now where's the pub. A musical interlude. Don't you just love the figures on horse back in Trafalgar Square. Sometimes we ask our clients to see who can jump the highest. It's always a fun challenge. Leaning to have fun. It was Christmas so we borrowed some instruments on a Christmas lights tour. Walking is a great way to get around. We found a Christmas tree so we imitated it! Whatever a guard can do we can do better. Now that's what these clients called a car. It's surprising the sort of characters we run into when we're exploring London. A quick pose in front of St Paul's Cathedral. We passed this statue of the Swan Marker on the Secret London Tour and, guess what, we decided we'd always wanted to be a Swan Marker. When you can't find a real guard any one will do. Oh there they are. Fun in the pub. Who will move first? Look Mum I'm a statue. Here we go again! Do we look anything like her? Hoorah! We're in London. A Christmas kiss for Mr Churchill. Life moves slowly when you're a statue. A strange encounter by Tower Bridge. A cheer for London. Which one's the guard? You find things in the strangest places in London. Richard Jones guiding on the roof top terrace at One New Change. And they're off! The Olympic City in 2012. A little respect for St Paul's Cathedral. Is that really Prince Philip? You cannot be serious! The ultimate in window shopping! Hey, look, we're in London. I think we met the Queen. The footsore Ballet Company. So that's where I left my boot. Oh look, it's the Blues and Royals. We're standing with Abe. Richard Jones guiding a Beatles Tour in 1988. I was so much older then I'm younger than that now. Oh wait, that's Dylan. When you spot the Queen in a London window you just have to salute. It's the done thing. Richard the Lion Hearts. Who's got the phone? Fire, fire. Richard Jones, guiding in the City. We found Sherlock Holmes. So he's not dead. That's it I'm off to Australia. Which one's the statue? It was Christmas so we slipped into a shop to be the Three Wise Women. Enjoying a bit of modern art in the Ten Bells Pub. Never in the field of London tours was so much enjoyed by so few amongst so many. A horse, a horse, my Kingdom for a horse. rails lightbox galleryby v5.9